Gotz Bakery Delights Set 20pce

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Gotz dolls are the perfect playmate or companion doll, and now you can dress them up in your favourite outfit. This gorgeous set includes a selection of wooden cakes and biscuits, oven mitts and apron and of course a couple of plates to serve everything on.

Goetz Precious Day dolls are stuffed firmly with wool and the limbs are made from sculptured vinyl, phthalate free with a turning head and limbs that swivel allowing the dolls to be posed in natural positions, enhancing the development of your child during role playing and dressing up.

Suitable for 3+, her hair is very easy to style and is especially durable. It can also be washed and dried with a hair dryer (not too hot of course) and even curled.

Outfit fits dolls 45-50cm H